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Kitchen Counter

In March 2016 my life changed forever! This was the month that would change my family's health forever. By doing one simple act and a mindset shift. 


I came home, my girls were at school, and I remember vividly opening the door and going straight into the kitchen! I started opening one cupboard at a time in the kitchen. Yes, all of them! 

I took the white sugar bag, and threw it in the trash, next were the oils, the flour, oh yes the syrups too and the juices …


The more I threw things away the lighter and happier I started to feel. In that moment I realized I had taken a solid firm decision that my family’s health was going to be a priority.


This was not an option, no longer something that I was going to just leave for another day or time when we would be less busy...! NO!


After I threw all the unreal foods and products from the kitchen I felt like a hero. I felt like I had taken the first step to change. 


I picked up the car keys and I zoomed out of the house straight to the supermarket!  I bought all the real food to replace the processed ones that I threw away. And I replaced them all with healthy, clean, yummy, nutritious options. I realized I knew how to still have a kitchen full of delicious food that was healthy and that would make us all feel better inside and out. 


Fast forward to 2022 I decided to create and manifest my dream brand. RARE a clean, transparent, trustworthy, organic, fun, easy to digest, delicious, simple yet nutritious food products ready-made from the heart. Which me and my family can trust and consume without worrying about any nasty unwanted ingredients and for you amazing humans with hectic schedules.




Here’s a list for you that can guide you on your next grocery shopping which includes simple suggestions for transitioning to a clean food choices.

Over the past few decades our food has become bleached, refined, chemically preserved, artificially colored, highly sugared, highly salted, genetically modified and mostly exposed to hundreds of manufactured chemicals. When our food is like this our cells start acting less intelligently. Why let such foods mess up your pantry, your body and mind?

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